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Field test your products with the full-service testing professionals at RJM Contracting.



Let our 45 years of experience in the pest control industry work for you!


Our goal is to provide you the very best real-world, in-field testing of your product, service or equipment. We strive to collect and report the most accurate information by putting your product, service or equipment to the test in environments where they will be used—in the hands of pest control professionals and end users.


During certain periods, outdoor environments may exhibit a normal set of weather patterns, but they may also contain extremes in sunlight, humidity, temperature, dew point, wind and precipitation. We can field test under all outdoor conditions.

In indoor environments, we offer normal, static conditions or have the ability to modify the indoor circumstances to cover a range of conditions that can occur where your product, service or equipment will be used.


RJM Contracting performs pest control product field trials and provides professionally written results reports.



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