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Primary Investigator's Credentials

Sometimes, pest control is about genetics.


My dad – one of Florida's first CPOs -- started a lawn spraying company in Orlando back in 1959, and at only seven years old, I got my first taste of the business by working alongside him after school and on weekends. Ten years later, as a state-certified operator in charge, I ventured out of the family business and into the broader pest control industry.


For more than four decades, I have worked in the pest management industry, as an operations manager, training specialist, national product sales representative, consultant and field researcher. 


Beyond the years of experience, I have cultivated a rich and broad network of pest management contacts, including CPOs, university researchers, entomologists, construction companies, state and federal regulatory agents, structural engineers and product manufacturers, nationally and beyond our borders.


This web site’s focus is product development, field testing and consulting. Testing can happen anywhere, and I have performed product, equipment and safety trials on airplanes and container ships, food crops and grain elevators, residential and commercial properties, food handling establishments and industrial waste complexes, plant nurseries and logistics warehouses, log homes and railroad bridges.


Past trial target pests have included mosquitoes, bed bugs, wood-boring beetles, ants, cockroaches, flies, fleas, nematodes, ticks, termites, turf pests, stored-product pests, rodents, birds, plant pests, crop pests, funguses, fertilizers and molds on a wide variety of hosts using conventional and experimental methods and equipment. I consult on testing protocols, testing methods and delivery systems; personnel and applicator safety; marketing, packaging and distribution of new and existing products.


When you need testing, research and field trials, RJM Contracting should be your first contact.


Ray Meyers, Jr.




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