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RJM Contracting can perform national, muli-state testing of products and equipment. Do you have testing requirements that mandate field results from specific states? Do you need to gather data from plots is California, Louisiana and New York, for a single product or multiple pest targets? Through a national network, RJM Contracting can find suitable sites across the country, link up with local certified operators to co-operate in applications, perform as your Primary Investigator or Project Manager, and bring it all together for you. We do all of the preparations legwork, then get on the road to test your products in multiple environments.


Article: RJM Contracting, Inc. is first in industry to complete an interstate trial using Good Lab Practices


March 19, 2007 - Lake Mary, FL - RJM Contracting, Inc. has completed a trial project in urban pest management using Good Lab Practices (GLP) for product testing. 


Ray Meyers, president of RJM Contracting, says his company is the first in the industry to use GLP criteria across multiple states in a field trial focused on human health pests. "Not only did we meet GLP criteria, we complied with EPA - EUP trial protocols, field trial systems and processes to efficiently evaluate trial materials." says Meyers. 

The national trial tested a variety of pest control formulations for use on human health pests. Meyers used GLP to conduct the study under the strictest field and reporting conditions as service technicians are used to apply test materials in real life situations, while the observer records the treatments, application difficulties, and product efficacy. 

Meyers' custom research and development team includes a national network of qualified pest management professionals, serving chemical companies of all sizes. Through its professional network, RJM can have a product safely in the field with trained technicians, gathering data quickly and accurately.

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