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There 's no better judge of how good a product is than the operator using it firsthand. With operator feedback testing, we can capture a wide range of attributes of materials, products, equipment and training.


Get answers from experienced technicians on almost any aspect of your goods or services, such as:


  • Does it leave an odor?

  • Are the handles too large?

  • Was it easily broken?

  • Is it difficult to measure?

  • Is it phytotoxic?

  • Does it stain?

  • Can we videotape you using the item?

  • Does it irritate the eyes, nose or skin?

  • Are the directions clear and unambiguous?

  • Does it settle out?

  • Is it comfortable?

  • Is it dusty?

  • Would you use it in your own home?

  • How much would you pay for this item?

  • How much alike or different is this from the one you regularly use?

  • What was the homeowner's reaction to its use?

  • Would a professional use this item?

  • Is it safe?


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Let us gather valuable information about your product while we're using it in a real-world trial by real-world pest professionals. 

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