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You may choose your oral or written report to be anywhere from delivery of just the field testing’s raw data to our premier written reports that provide the following information, as applicable:


  • Cover page with your company logo and trial identification

  • Quality assurance statement from RJM Contracting

  • Trial information, including formal title, common title, protocol numbers, commissioning contact, study director, consultant contact, primary investigator, laboratory identification, co-operator and applicator information

  • Background statement from product/equipment manufacturer

  • Commissioning company’s testing purpose

  • Conclusions, including an executive summary, test result comparison, evaluation benchmarks, treatment comparisons

  • Test methodology, including a procedural brief, trial design components, target pests, target hosts, trial timelines, sampling methods used, population estimation methods, use of lures/ baits/traps, evaluation intervals, evaluation methods

  • Site information, including locations, descriptions, environmental conditions, plot preparations for testing, site’s prior and concurrent treatments, possible performance influences

  • Application information, including test materials/equipment, dosing levels, treatment dates, treatment duration, drying times, materials characteristics, measurement devices used

  • Additional requirements and deviations, including trial difficulties encountered, special governmental requirements, deviations from planned protocols

  • Other observations, including comments, recommendations and observations from RJM Contracting personnel, co-operators, management, applicators, property owners/occupants

  • Photographs depicting how target pests were captured, select sites/plots, aerial location, target pest activity/damage, collection methods/devices, application equipment, applicator performance, testing equipment, recorded data sheets/field notes

  • Data presentations including narrative, laboratory reports, charts, tables and graphs of the test’s site/plot location (description or GPS), raw data points, aggregated/summary data points, target population size, reduction in target population, trial-long select weather conditions, taxonomy or assay results, manufacturer’s production identification, product concentrate levels, application volumes

  • Optional reporting such as measurement in Imperial or metric units, written protocols, study director/trialist communication logs, testing benchmark notifications, logs of approved exceptions or deviations from protocol, project payment status

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